About Us

Love for this land made of culture, myths, history, art and nature

The b&b “Tra le Braccia di Morfeo” born from the love of Claudio and Erina for an opulent and noble Sicilian. Their greatest wish is to make anyone in this small corner of the world fall in love so that it can be enveloped by the magic of a unique land and the embrace of a comfortable and emotional stay. A journey made such by the artistic characterization of each room that insinuates the guest the feeling of living close contact with the art and traditions of which this island enjoys.

Our structure offers to you three rooms made by local artists who, with great zeal and professionalism, through painting techniques and manipulation of particular materials, have put in them echoes of the Greek temple of Concordia located at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, of the threatening and fascinating Etna’s volcano, of that blaze of colors, glories and typical designs that make the Sicilian cart the symbol of the island folkloristic iconography.

We could not ignore the charm that emanates from another significant aspect of our land and our ancient popular art: the puppet theater with the heroic deeds of the famous champions of France Orlando, Rinaldo, Angelica …. The structure is located in Terrasini, a fishermen’s village near the sea, in the center of an area not far from the enchanting cities of Palermo and Trapani as well as Falcone e Borsellino airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi. The common site at the foot of the promontory of Capo Rama, natural reserve oriented, will enchant your senses with the view of beautiful beaches, mysterious caves and rocky spurs deep red made even more vivid by the beautiful sunsets that will give you dreamy views.

The room of the “littiratura” is full of memories of a knowledge that originates in the so-called Sicilian school and its current continuation in the novels of Andrea Camilleri of which we wanted to consecrate his famous quote “What do you miss Sicily? The sound of the sea┬╗preferring this last sentence as the name of our suite, to create a symbolic link between culture and the sea.

From the books that come down from the roof, expression of the weight of a powerful knowledge, to the sentences along the walls as if to want to support your most intimate dreams; from the well-known manuals among the bookshelves, a clear invitation to reading that warms the minds and nourishes the minds, to the soothing and relaxing colors typical of the surrounding walls we wish you a stay under the banner of Sicilianism so much vaunted over the centuries by dozens of writers whose fame still echoes in every corner of this ancient land

“The harmonic unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth once you see it, you will possess it for the rest of your life” (J.W.Goethe).

It is said that in the ancient district “La Kalsa” in Palermo a girl fell in love with a Moro. When he learned that the man would soon leave her to return to his wife and children, the girl, driven by jealousy, cut off his head making a vase where to plant some basil. Our “Ciramica” room is inspired by this legend that we wanted to tell at the entrance of the room through a huge slab of lava stone hand-painted by a Sicilian artist. Inside, let yourself be pampered by the exaltation of the typical colors of the island’s pottery, made and hand-crafted in prestigious centers such as Santo Stefano di Camastra, Caltagirone, Sciacca. Of the lampshades proposed in the form of dark brown, a totally ceramic floor with the transposition of a piece hanging from the roof, a large bathroom, bright and sunny, as only our land can be, are the strengths of this room that will make your stay unique.







Private bathroom

Each room has a comfortable private bathroom designed recalling the concept of the room.

Conditioned air

All rooms benefit from a valid autonomously controlled cold / heat air conditioning system.

Safe-deposit box

We offer our guests the opportunity to secure their belongings by making available to each room a safe.

Free Wifi

We have equipped each room with a free internet access via wireless connection.